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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A level 1 listening exercise

Around the neighborhood

Before you listen.

1. A neighborhood is a part of a town or city where people live, work and shop. With a partner write a list of things you find in a neighborhood.

While you listen.

1. Watch the film and tick off the things that are on your list. For example, if you have 'bank' on your list and the film shows a bank then put a √ next to the word on your list.

2. Watch the film again and write down any things from the film that are not on your list.

After you listen.

1. Look at you list. Can you say what each place is? Write a sentence for each place in the film, look at the example below;

Bank √ A bank is a place where you keep your money.

Now you do the same for the other places using the phrase 'is a place where...'

2. Ask your partner if there were any places he or she had on their list that were not in the film. Tell your partner about any places you had that were not in the film. Can you also write a sentence to say what each place is like you did in exercise 1?

3. In my neighborhood we have banks, shops, restaurants, hotels, a park and a town hall. Ask your partner the question, 'What things do you have in your neighborhood?'

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  1. You'll find the video here:
    Go to "Start now" - 1st English course - Unit 13 "Places in the Neighborhood" - "Introduction and Vocabulary - Classroom Lesson
    Have fun!